The Musical Fountain

         After ten years of dreaming and over six months of building, soldering, and designing, the newest attraction at Kaye Family Light Displays is here. This nine jet, 1,300 gallon fountain can be hand programmed to the tenth of a second to dance to any song. The fountain also sports 10 handmade led lights designed specifically for this project that can light the water up red, blue, green, or white, and can combine to make even more colors. The misting jets, central firework jet, and six straight jets, the fountain can put on a mystical show to wow all types of guests.

Modern Rock

        Currently the only show at the Musical Fountain, this 30 minute show takes guests on a tour through some of the best rock music of the last 15 years, created by either relatively new artists or lesser known artists.

  • Crazy = Genius* by Panic! At The Disco

  • Natural by Imagine Dragons

  • Shine The Light On Me by The Raconteurs

  • Infinite Content by Arcade Fire

  • The Times We Live In by Adrian Belew

  • Breathe by U2

  • No Cars Go by Arcade Fire

  • My Body Is A Cage by Arcade Fire

*Indicates song has been altered to remove swear words or other offensive content

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